Server Outage – My Home is Still Not a Perfect Datacenter

My dear readers,

You may not be access this web site from Sept 24 to Sept 26. This is due to the network outage at my home. The 48 hours is very hard for me. I made a somewhat stupid decision to host at my home. Actually, I have spent a lot of time checking the availability of the site, worrying about whether it is down, or is there any problem with the network. Hosting a web server in my house is really problematic and expensive. Here is why:

  1. The electronic power. The need to keep the computer up and running every day and every minute. The power fee is no cheaper than the renting fee. To rent a pretty good server with ActivePerl, ASP and PHP support, it is only 380 RMB ($45) per year. That is about 1 RMB per day – I am paying more than 1 RMB for the power for my computer everyday – if you know my computer does not support hibernate. Thanks for to provide this service for me. I am especially grateful for Miss Cao’s great help during the setup.
  2. The network. The network provided by Great Wall Broadband is good, it also has some problem. Recently, with the government strengthen the control over networks, it uses a new authentication method. It required end user to type in account name and password before accessing the network. Sometimes this will drop. If the network connection is dropped, there is no way to remotely resume the connection unless I am physically at the computer to do so. This is the reason why my site is down for 48 hours. It happened before, but this time, I am on business trip to Chengdu and cannot reset it.

P.S. This log is attached at the day of Sept 26, but it is written on Sept 24, since the computer may be down, but my writing won’t.

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