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I came across a very interesting site yesterday by reference of andersja’s blog. There is a page named Freedom to Reproduce Content?, I found another blog with 72 comments. Wow. It is a very popluar web site. Finally, I found it is the web site for the famous weblog book – “Web Blog: Publishing Online with Weblogs“.

In chapter 3, the author mentioned Blogger Code. It is interesting that someone over there are developing different strange tools and codes to claify bloggers. It is very cool and interesting.

Here is my blogger code

B1 d++ t+ k s+ u– f+ i- o+ x– e+ l c

You can use this decoder to decode it.

P.S. My Blog on broadband in Shanghai was mentioned on Rice Cooker today. Thanks.

5 thoughts on “My Blogger Code

  1. Hi Jian Shuo. I think it’s cool to use this weblog to share your ideas on blogging, webcam etc. with friends. I haven’t seen many blogger based in China, maybe i don’t know where to look. My hobby is keeping a weblog on news about China. Thanks for the mention here.

  2. Thank YOU for mention my site on your blog. As other bloggers, to be mentioned and to receive comments are two of the most exciting thing in life. You did great job gather all the news on your site. I love to read.

    There are not so many bloggers in China now, if there is any, it is in Chinese. Due to the nature of Chinese characters, typing in Chinese is relatively slower. Maybe it is the main reason why it is not popular. :-)


  3. i find that others who came here all have a blog of he’s own!

    but i havenot.

    and i think that it not the important!

    the important is that i have and will come!!it’s ?

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