10 Year Anniversary of Blogging

Today is the 10th anniversary of my blogging.

Starting from Sept 11, 2002, with my first blog, I have been blogging for ten years. I cannot believe it! Ten year doing one thing everyday seems crazy for anyone, and I am surprised I am that crazy guy.

However, the bad news is, I realized that I am not as calm and as peaceful as 10 years ago. With the increase of age, and increase of responsibility, it is harder and harder to sit down at the desk, and write something. Email flys in; mobile rings; Weibo checking; Yifan calls…. More importantly, within my mind, thousands of things flying to different directions. I heard something ┬áthis morning: with the increase of age, especially after 35, there are too many distraction that few can stay calm and concentrated. It needs a lot meditation and understanding of what is important than the younger time. I believe I may entered another stage of life after 10 years of blogging. Look at the frequency, topic, and depth of the blog entries I wrote in the last three years, and I can clearly see the path of the declination in frequency, decrease in interestingness, and decrease in depth. I am full aware of it, and I know it is the competition of attention for me. The competition just get stronger when I am connected to more, and it is the time to cut something from my life.

Look at the simple life of Yifan, and I know days are long for him. There are a lot I can learn from Yifan – to keep focused and keep doing the important things.

That will be the word for my next 10 years of blogging.


6 thoughts on “10 Year Anniversary of Blogging

  1. yeah, you are right, you are in the busiest time period, just keep focuseing what you have to do now, and you can pick up things later, Yifan will start need you more, don’t give up! Just as one of your fan I hope you won’t make to hard on yourself, I’m same age as you, don’t let aging burning you down, take little exercise, do jogging a hour 4 times per week will make you sleep well.

  2. Congratulations! I have been reading your blog for quite a few years – since 2003 if not the very date you started. I enjoy reading your posts. Thanks for opening up your life through this blog!
    I did notice the change in yourself (less peaceful) as you described and it’s not surprising. Peace I think depends on what you believe the purpose of life is. I pray God will lead you think more in this area.

  3. You have some quiet readers for years here. Hello from a fellow Shanghainese , an Indian woman.Good going.Not to get some spiritual mumbo jumbo going but there is some great spiritual software development going on the last 10 years since you started blogging that may address the bugs that come with aging and running the same code over and over again.

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