Silicon Valley is the Florence in Action

I was born too late – 450 years late, and I don’t know what it looks like in Florence at Renaissance. I heard at that time, in every coffee shop, and in every room, there are people talking about painting, sculpture, music, etc, and there are some greatest artist, like Michael-angel, emerging in those days in Florence.

But I am born at the right time, and be able to visit Silicon Valley often. I would dare to claim that Silicon Valley is the Florence of today. Look around. You see every coffee shop, University Cafe, Coupa Cafe, or anyone, you name it, there are conversation about startups, technology, and funding of the ideas. In the thousands of office buildings in the area, in every single room, and before every whiteboard, there are people dreaming, talking, writing, and sharing, and building something. There are some of the greatest companies like Apple, Google, Facebook of all ages, and there are some greatest entrepreneurs emerging in this area, one after the other. The technology, especially in software, and Internet, was advanced in amazing speed, and that impact the whole world. Think about it. It is just amazing.
Imagine after 450 years. I am sure Silicon Valley will change, and the center will move to other places. Silicon Valley will become another Florence of today – there are still buildings, and churches, and some of the drawings or sculptures, but the people are all gone. People are naot passionate about art, and the only people who are related with art are either the museum keepers who don’t draw at all, or some street vendors who draw portrait of tourists, and the drawing is no better than those in Zhouzhuang. Thinking about 450 years later, we will understand how we appreciate the current activities going on in the valley.
I am born 450 late to miss Florence, but I am born at the right time to witness Silicon Valley.

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  1. A truly unique perspective. Inspiring.
    Welcome to the Valley and I will see you in a bit!:)

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