CEO’s Responsibility Framework

I meat with a great CEO in his office. Very impressive. He summarized the duty of a CEO and that is very true. The framework is strategy, priority, and people.

Strategy is where to go, and how to get there. It has to be very clear. To get rid of ambiguity is the key. People may or may not agree with the strategy, and we can talk, but at any given moment, and you ask people: “What is the most important thing for the company”, and they should all tell you growth, and if you ask “how you make money”, and the answer should be the same – not now, but these are the options. He believes in meritocratic, not democratic. Being in the company does not entitle everyone to be weighted the same. You have to work hard to gain that credit.
Priority: Are we working on the right thing? Clearly define what is more important. There are limited resources, and you have to balance.
People: Has everyone reached his/her fully potential. To remove barrier to that potential is the job of CEO. “You look tired, and you need to take a vacation”. That type of personnel questions.

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