Talents are the Key to Success

This is a pretty dumb statement. Everyone knows it. Everyone says it. Every textbook have it. Every leadership session talks about it. Every…..

But common sense is not common, and some times it does not make sense. (Jian Shuo Wang’s invented the second part of this phrase).

I sat down with Quanzhan this noon to afternoon to talk about the talent. It is not surprising for a research organization of Tencent, talents are the No. 1 priority. The selection standard,  the talent, and the retention are something that makes a great workplace and a winning business.

Recently I spend well more than half my time on talent recruiting, and to get wisdom from people who are good at it. That is the No. 1 job of a CEO.

BTW, does any of my blog readers know anyone, or you think yourself is someone we are looking for, please let me know by sending me email to wangjianshuo at baixing.com. We are looking for people in the following area (most of the jobs are in technical field, with some other roles).

  1. Anti-fraud. How to fight again fraudsters on a classified site.
  2. Search. The in-site search, and the organization of hundreds of millions of posts generated by our users.
  3. Platform. The way to structure the site in a way to allow internal and external developers to be more productive.
  4. Payment and monetization products.
  5. Marketing and industry experts in one of our main categories.

If you have a feeling that you may be the right person, but not sure, just sent a note to hr at baixing.com. Feel free to put me on the CC line to make sure I read it.


2 thoughts on “Talents are the Key to Success

  1. Hi Jian Shuo,
    I am shun lai lv, I have been keeping track of your articles and focused on your blog for more than 5 years. I would like to introduce my friend Hong Jun to you, he was graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University, and is looking for a job in China, at present he is working in Canada, following is his CV, please help to check and see if you have any appropriate position for him, can contact him directly at his mobile phone# is 13817621003.

    Hongjun Ping
    Mobile: 13817621003 Email: hongjunp@hotmail.com


    Seeking a challenging position and a pivotal role in the area of software product management


    • 10 years of successful experience in the information technology industry, bringing a broad vision in product development, quality assurance and project management
    • Six years of experience in software product quality assurance and release procedure.
    • More than 4 years of management experience in quality control, project release and product customer support especially in mining computerized industry.
    • Extensive experience in writing and executing automated testing scripts (primarily with 4Test language of Segue SilkTest )
    • Proceeding and executing test plans and test cases in highly structured and loosely structured development environments and performing all types of testing (functional, installation, acceptance, browser compatibility, load, stress, performance, volume).
    • Have a successful track record of working both independently and being a team player and working closely with individuals at all levels of an organization.
    • Experiences in mining robust computer hardware and network configuration(including windows 2003 server domain network, industrial mine MESH network)
    • Strong knowledge in Microsoft SQL server and relational database management system.


    Golden Gate University, San Francisco, California, USA, 2001
    Master of Science in Computer Information System

    City College of San Francisco, San Francisco, California, USA, 1999
    Associate in Computer Science

    Shanghai JiaoTong University, China, 1992
    Bachelor of Science in Medicine


    Hitachi Construction Machinery Co. Richmond, BC, Canada 08/2007 ~ Current
    Lead Software QA, Senior Mining Application Specialist


    •Serve a leading role in software QA department, oversee project processing, allocate case assignment, and control fleet product releasing.
    •Analyze application and interpret user requirement into software architecture cases, sustain windows based .NET client applications and Microsoft SQL database powered server side services in a high level quality.
    •Coordinate efforts between product development team and offshore enterprise test team, managed to work with different group in high efficient productivity.
    •Organize group and cross group meeting to communicate, coordinate with software engineers, mine field support technician, hardware engineer and technical writer.
    •Supervise the project processing, system releasing, manage release note and post the technical bulletin to mine site customers.
    •Field trip over North America, work with mine support technicians to solve tough technical problem in mining industry field, help in upgrading system, educating and training mining operators.
    •Control of department testing hardware and software using, interactive with new hiring, involved in a team work which made mining system fleet products being doubled in the number of customer usage worldwide within 3 years.

    Kingreat Tech Co. San Francisco, California, USA 09/2004 ~ 04/2007
    Software QA Manager


    •Overlooked daily works of software QA team, in charge of major product test procedure, including finalized software requirement into corresponding test cases, analyzed testing report and communicated between QA team and developer team.
    •Summarized QA reports and plans in weekly basis, re-directed reports to company senior management team, coordinated with product manager, development manager and worked closely between QA team, developer team and project management team.
    •Leaded in the project of developing and executing regression testing system for a web-based application named ‘iTouch’ which works for Logitech’s most latest technology used in keyboard and mouse product.
    •Managed developing the entire automation test system in case by case basis using SilkTest 4 Test Language, analyzed end to end system performance.
    •Supervised test plan updating and test script executing in a full software version build release basis, conducted recursive testing and regression testing regarding all product features.
    •Finalized product releasing notes, control the releasing schedule of software product to ensure product being delivered to final customer both in time and highest quality level manner.

    Sybase, An SAP Company Dublin, California USA 02/2001 ~ 08/2004
    Software Engineer


    •Developed Java Swing application for Sybase Enterprise Application Server GUI management system using jdk 1.4.
    •Sustain ‘Harness’ system for software automation used on different platform including Windows NT, Solaris, IBM and HP UNIX system.
    •Programed in Java JDBC which communicates between Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise database and mid-tier application server.
    •Developed unit testing program, fixed regular bug and helped with product upgrading on system version progressive basis.
    •Involved in developing the project for Sybase’s fastest enterprise application server in the Java J2EE application industry.
    •Worked as a team player with other developers, software QA team and project management team to maintain a high level of software fleet products.

    Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. Shanghai, China 01/1995 ~ 07/1997
    Product Planner


    •Summarized data of specific clinical trials, analyzed and reported to drug research center in New Jersey USA for new drug development purpose.
    •Responsible for product budget plan, promotion and customer services, worked directly with patients, doctors and drug researchers.
    •Prepared customer service survey, collected and analyzed customer feedback, redirect product promotion program.
    •Organized clinical seminars, coordinated with leading medical experts and doctors, conducted training and education program for BMS product especially in Oncology drug industry.

    Xuhui Central Hospital Shanghai, China 07/1992 ~ 01/1995
    Physician Resident


    •Diagnosed and treated common internal diseases, developed and accomplished clinical treating plans for indoor patients.
    •Involved in research projects supported by government of Shanghai in ‘Clinical effectiveness of ‘Captol’ result in treating Hypertension patients’ which lead to yearly government award.
    •Work as a research assistant in lab of cardiac electron-physiology on ischemic ventricular arrhythmia.


    Operating System Platforms: Windows NT/XP/win7/2003 server, UNIX (Solaris, IBM, HP), Linux (Fedora, Ubuntu)
    Software Programming Languages: Java, C, SAS, ColdFusion, PHP, PL/SQL, Visual Basic, SilkTest 4 language.
    Database Systems: MySQL, Oracle 9.0, Sybase ASE 10, Microsoft SQL Server 2005.
    Applications Tool: Microsoft Visual Source Safe, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, Fogbugz, Seapine, Testrail tracking system, Bugzilla etc.


    •Participated in a training course on ‘Industrial Software Quality Management’ in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
    •Completed a 4 weeks of training on Java, HTML, JavaScript and ASP in San Jose, California.
    •Oracle 9 Database Administration Level 1 in San Francisco, California.
    •Participated in 40 hours of training on basic UNIX with detail in shell script, C program and UNIX network administration
    •Attended general training on Power Builder 5 in Sybase Inc.
    •Completed an Advance C language Training for the duration of 2 weeks at Computer Point in Oakland, California.
    • Completed a 7 days course of marketing and sale strategy in Bristol-Myers Squibb Company provided by Singapore Asian-Pacific Training Center in Shanghai, China.

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