Accumulation Calories Burning and More

Accumulation Calories Burning

Nike+ is a great product. It turned running into something interesting. I started to accumulate my calories burning history from March and that is the main driver for my running. Blog posts are the visible mileage of my writing, and the thinking behind it. It is said:

If you cannot messuare, you cannot improve

Either blog posting or Nike+ is a way to measure, and to improve, because numbers are the few things in this world to have a clear direction, while ideas, and wish are pointing to many directions.

Attending Microsoft Event

I attended a Microsoft event this morning by invitation. It was a good one – nice setting, nice logistic, and nice content. It brings me back to the Microsoft world – decent PPTs, very well prepared content – likely to be prepared by someone in the headquarter, and translated, and a group of CIOs and CTOs.

There is one thing wrong, though. It is a pure Microsoft environment. In this setting, you see very few Mac computer – the majority are black Dell or IBM running Windows, and the majority of phones people use around me is Windows Phones. I can imagine how powerful the environment influence to the people in it. From what I see, there are too many reasons to believe that Microsoft is still the center of the universe, which is no longer true if you put yourself into another non-Microsoft environment, like University Cafe at University Ave of Palo Alto.

I told myself to be open minded and be cautious of the environment, and fight for the freedom and independence of thoughts.


There are some nice summary of the TEDxShanghai event. Here is the link. Enjoy.

TEDxShanghai 2012 见闻与感想


Thoughts on TEDxShanghai

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  1. 王建硕老师你好,我是Lawrence的朋友,同时也是上海TEDxJingAn的组织者。我们将在6月23日的上海静安组织一场TEDxJingAn活动,十分希望能够邀请您成为我们的讲者。我们团队曾在2011年组织了TEDxFSS,2012年4月组织了TEDxFDUChange。这一次我们的主题是《Spark:见微知著》,将邀请15位左右的讲者,250名现场观众。由于在weibo上无法私信您,不知道是否方便留一个您的邮箱给我,我将相关的简介发给您。谢谢。

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