Misunderstood Hong Kong

aDuring the last weekend, I stayed in Hong Kong for few days. I found I had some serious misunderstanding of the city.

Hong Kong has 40%+ land reserved. I started to be interested in the Hong Kong Island Trail, a path winding 50 km in the mountains from the peak. A another good reason besides attending meetings, and shopping in Hong Kong is, mountain hiking. It sounds crazy, but it is rare to find that good path.

For the first time, we stayed outside the Central area. We stayed in the Causeway Bay. The people there, and the buildings there are so unique, and I completely enjoyed the great amount of people put into the small area. The pedestrian flow at green light crossing the Hennessey Road was amazing (the reason I watched the movie Crossing Hennessey again).

I completely enjoyed the food there, especially the sweetie. It is rare that I would be attracted by a city because of food. Even Chengdu didn’t attract me at all, but the Soup and the Sweet in Hong Kong just keep pulling me southward. Wendy and I had many soup and sweet those days.

Hong Kong is much more than what it showed to me in the last few trip.

P.S. Disney land? What a joke. No one – including Yifan – enjoyed it. It is the worst deal we had in many years. We thought about leaving the place one hours after we got there.

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  1. I totally agree with you. Ralph and I went to HK many times without going to Disneyland, but spending a lot of time walking and hiking all over the hills and mountains and a little bit shopping. So most of the people who said HK is a city full of people are wrong. Wherever we went, there were no crowds, but clean and quiet. Food is fantastic. We often love a city because of their enjoyable food.

  2. did you try having your breakfast at the Peak? I had a great experience. fresh air… not crowded… peaceful…

    you should try next time.

  3. I just did the peak yesterday! amazing, lovely and you get away from the city, surrounded by nature for no money !! fantastic Hk offers you all you need!

  4. Hi Jianshuo.

    I’m glad you enjoyed HK. It has to be one of the few major cities in the world where the beach and the mountains are a 30-minute taxi ride from the financial district.

    It’s true that few tourists know about our protected areas, which are safe and easily to access. You can also take a ferry to the outlying fishing islands — you’ll see quiet, old Hong Kong life. Your son can play on the beach or walk an easy hike. Many of islands (Discovery Bay on Lantau Island and Lamma Island) are car-free, offering a relatively pollution-free environment.

    Once, I was at a Shenzhen hotel looking out a big window at the HK border. I pointed to the green space where I ride horses in the New Territories and told my colleague that it was protected land.

    He sort of scrunched up his face and said, “What a waste of space. Why don’t they develop it?”

    I’m glad the HK government make an effort to protect these spaces, because I’m sure there’s alot of pressure for them just to build more high-rises.

    P.S. I agree with you on Disney. It’s just this weird Americanized theme park that has nothing to do with Hong Kong. I took my parents there when it first opened and I never went back. We prefer Ocean Park, which has a local flavor and great animals, like pandas.

  5. Hi, Janshuo, Your article is very useful for me, and also these comments, because I’ve never been HK as of now.

  6. I lived in HK back in 2001. I totally enjoyed it. First staying around the Happy Valley area then moved to Shatin. Food, the people are all very nice. But kinda too expensive to live there long term, unless you can get a high-paying finance job.

  7. why did you want to leave disneyland an hour after you got there? isn’t it disneyland the happiest place on earth?

  8. Hi Jianshuo,

    I live in Shanghai and now planning a 3-day trip to Hongkong. I wanted to keep my journey economical and so option for Train for Onward and return Journey.

    Could you please to which place in Hongkong I should take the ticket to(I will be going to Shanghai Railway Station to purchase the tickets).

    Also are there any Package deals avaliable which I can book from Shanghai…who will take care of the sight seeing and Accomidation for 3 days.

    And probably what are the places this I should definately visit during my stay in HK.



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