It has been two intensive days. I have arranged 11 meetings for myself, and Wang Chen in Beijing and meeting with 20+ people, and a presentation with about 100 people.

Got back to hotel now. Going to sleep now.

BTW, I enjoyed big hotels, and now I more and more enjoy smaller hotels like the Orange Hotel in Zhongguancun area. In US, I started to hate those big hotels with hundreds of hotel rooms. Maybe just 20 rooms or fewer are better for me. I am at second floor of the hotel. Think about the elevator, 20+ floor hotel room, and overseeing the whole city – I hate that now.

Good night, Beijing.

8 thoughts on “Tired

  1. yeah, especially after the fire in Shanghai, staying on a higher floor doesn’t seem to be a good idea now.

  2. It REALLY is not a good idea to stay in a very tall Hotel, Let’s say 20+ floor. That’s why I always travelled by train instead of By Air. you have to think about the worst case as it Is not every one can do their own job very well. I thought we are all learnd from Shanhai fire accident recently.

  3. hi jianshuo, I think you need to do something about all these spams comments on your blog. It is getting out of control.

  4. That was a pretty hectic schedule though… Imagine having those kinds of tasks and meetings, you will really feel tired and sleepy. Sometime, You even forget to eat or take a bit rest when you are running out of your time.

  5. Hi Jianshuo, I read your blog to improve my english.

    Frankly speaking, I really admire your career, well, we will study english hard, work hard, to change my life, at least, I hope my parent can live in a big house, and my child will have a chance to learn piano or tennis.

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