Apple Flagship Store in Shanghai

The second day I am back from Singapore, I had a lunch meeting in Shangri-la, and after the meeting, I went to the Apple Flagship Store in Shanghai.

The store is located near the Grand Brand Mall, just the other side of the Pearl TV Tower. It is at basement of the International Financial Center (IFC) complex, near the LV flagship store.

Here is the entrance – the feeling is just like the glass entrance of the Louvre.

The rotating stairs are the perfect stage for the several hour queuing at Apple Store yesterday, for the first day of Apple iPhone 4 release in China.

From the inside, since Apple’s product is so consistent, and so few types, a visit to that particular store is just a visit to the store itself, which is not very different from the others.

2 thoughts on “Apple Flagship Store in Shanghai

  1. This is a strange feeling. Seems everything/everybody when to China they become something else… bigger, and extravagancy. Apply stores in average cities in the states have a feeling of a smart kids in the neighborhood (I haven’t been in their story in NY… there supposedly a “flagship” store as well… so maybe I haven’t seen enough)… not this kind of big deal presence on the outside.

  2. There are at least two apple stores in New York. One is in the basement complex of the GM building. You enter from a big glass cube and walk downstairs. Very similar.

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