My Car is Named Bandenger

I have decided to name my new car Bandenger, which basically means bench.

The Nissan Teana is optimized for comfort. It is absolutely better than a bench, but just as the way I named my previous Goudaner, it is a pretty cheap, ugly, and normal name, with the wish that the car can have good luck – people in China, especially in villages, and in old time, like to name their kids by “ugly” names – something like under-promise, over delivery.

It has completed its first 1100 KM, and I sent it for the first maintenance. The second maintenance date will be June 25, 2010.

4 thoughts on “My Car is Named Bandenger

  1. LoL, I haven’t thought of “Bangdenger” as bench before I pronounced it in international phonetic symbol. When I looked for and inserted the word into Google’s textbox, several Chinese words were immediately showed in the textbox. And now I am thinking why I did not make the word’s sound in Chinese Pinyin at first. I feel you are very amusing. You also explained its basic meaning clearly. I suggest you can invite your friends to sit on the bench for going out instead of sitting at home. It is a good expression, I think. That will not only make sure in the future, but also you will have been happy before going out when your friends hear your bench story.

    I have learned a lesson from misunderstanding the former word when I sounded the second one. I made a beautiful pronunciation of Goudaner in a standard Chinese Pinyin, but I can’t understand very much what people in the countryside named their kids in such a word, just as what you said especially in the past. It is my first time to hear that his child was called Goudaner by a villager and good luck could be got by his family. It appears I ever heard of Goudaner in a TV series . Thank you for bringing me LoL and broadening my knowledge.

  2. Congratulations with the newest member of your family :-)

    The Teana is a great car ! We tried it in Shanghai in 2007.

    Jianshuo, I want to ask you if you know if there is a car club for “normal” car owners in China, but not for the super-rich ? Please provide me a link, if you have the time.

    Another question to you is if you know a gov. homepage with information of how to import cars to China, especially with taxation, aapprovals, etc..

    Our best regards,

    Xiuying and Carsten

    PS: Please don’t forget to watch the F1 this weekend !

  3. Thanks Carsten. Long time no see in the comment section.

    I would recommend, maybe one of the best car club of almost every make of cars. You can join it, or just search for a car club just for the make and brand of your car. There are many independent clubs like that.

    I don’t know there is any government data about impact of cars.

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