Traffic Getting Worse before Expo

The good traffic condition only lasted for few weeks, before it is getting worse. From the slow moving cars on the road, and policemen with flashing police car at every city corner, I got the signal – Expo is no longer a count down number. It is getting real.

People get nervous. There are problems when there are visitor peak that the city cannot handle. There are also problems, maybe a bigger one, that there are not as many people as expected to come.

Businesses have learn a lesson from the over-promised-under-delivered business opportunity of Beijing Olympics. The hotel room price is still relatively stable.

The party is almost there. What will happen?

6 thoughts on “Traffic Getting Worse before Expo

  1. “the over-promised-under-delivered business opportunity of Beijing Olympics”


  2. Perhaps I cannot think of something to write when I arrive here. It seemed to have seen a person’s comment one or two day ago and it disappeared somehow (it can appears now when I succeed in posting here ). At present, there are fewer and fewer people to focus on blogs in the net. But it may be improved dramatically by some necessary change when writing, such as the shorter article in the page and some interactive response to others’ people, even in a word. Sometimes you may only post one or two topics about everyday’s life and say a few of words on line. To think of it, a word or a few words, is there nobody who responds to your writing? However some longer essays are still needed in helping some people outside Shanghai. I am afraid that you have mush time to spare here. In that way, it can be unsuitable advice.

    You often do some writings in English in your page and I seldom do so. So I don’t feel good at expressing in English. Therefore, you can point out my mistakes in my massage. If you have little time, you needn’t answer and that’s also ok. It is only amusement in the internet and that’s enough! No answer is also one. That would be fine.

    According to my opinion, it sounds as if I would have become your teacher. Sorry after sorry! You set an example for us in typing English. I might be like you as well.

    Yes, Expo is getting nearer and nearer and we are expecting such a big meeting. Are Shanghai and the people there ready? Are you ready? Is everything going on well except worse traffic? What problems are still there? To tell the true, I haven’t pay attention to Expo very much, but your blog makes me feel it coming soon. Thank you for your personal page that give a lot of help to many people.

  3. @petalnail, Olympics was seen as the biggest opportunities in Beijing for years, and that was the promise. Then many business prepared for it, and hoped to get big return from it. The result is not as exciting, because of several reasons.

    1. The first time ever opportunity is over valued, so many business, like hotel industry, raised their price to an incredibly high level, which directly caused the drop of their revenue.

    2. The control for security and Olympics reasons. For example, the construction, and home renovation industry, and many transportation industry was hurt due to the traffic control, and control for goods into Beijing.

    3. The tighten of Visa did impacted the number of people coming to China, even the people who stayed in China – they have to leave.

  4. I never think about what you said above after Beijing Olympic. I can belong to that one of the too ordinary people. Few of them think of such these big problems while some others even nothing and they have been busy making a puzzling living. It is all that they are thinking about how to get better life, even how to manage a common life.

    I knew I had made many mistakes in my last comment as soon as I sent my posts, even a word of them is opposite meaning, some grammar errors, some awkward expressions and unsuitable words. Feeling funny till now is also the cause of continuing my post. I suppose I was thinking in Chinese and hardly in English when typing characters. That may be the reason for writing more in Chinese. But I will still leave with a smile and go for more smiling place.

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