Sand Storm Hits Shanghai

I am happy that the sand storm is over. Yesterday, Wendy and I planned to go out for a walk at around 5:00 PM. It was windy, but the surprising part was, the air is full of dust, and it smelled like being in the middle of cleaning of an old building.

We are still luck. The sand storm from southern part of Xinjiang already hit many provinces including Beijing. It looked much worse than Shanghai.

Today, all the cars are covered with yellowish dust. It helped Wendy and I to finally make the decision about the color of our next car – WHITE! The concern was, white cars are too easy to look dirty when there is dust. However, this experiment rest assured us that black cars performed worse than white one in extreme conditions like sand storm.

4 thoughts on “Sand Storm Hits Shanghai

  1. I read a news article about that sandstorm today, and it only mentioned Beijing. I felt *very* smart already knowing from your blog that it had affected Shanghai as well.

  2. I currently have a silver car. It hides dirt very well. But, the color is similar to the road. So it’s hard to see. I’d rather have a “colored” car (blue, green, red). Or white. No more silver for me.

    My friend had a beige (light brown) car. Kind of ugly, but hid dirt very well, and not so hard to see.

    Hope you are ok from the sandstorm, and hope your car is not scratched!

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