Yifan Started His Kindergarten Life

March 15 is not a normal Monday.

Yifan started his first day in kindergarten today. It is not the official kindergarten yet – that will start from this September, instead, it is 8:30 – 4:30 pm part time school. The official one needs him to be 3 year old.

We worried a lot for the first day – we heard the stories of kids crying for days to get used to the new life. We believe so since we tried to put him into some part time kindergarten before – does not work at all.

In the morning, Wendy talked all the way with Yifan. Yifan promised everything – he promised that he would not cry. He promised he would play nicely with other children, and he promised to be quiet in the music class, and won’t go out of the class room.

Of cause, he broke the promise as soon as he saw the new kindergarten, and cried out loud when Wendy sent him to the door. The teachers got him, and disappeared behind the door – with Yifan still crying loudly.

Wendy was very worried, and spent tough morning by herself.

At noon time, the teacher called and reported Yifan slept, but didn’t eat too much for lunch.

At 4:00, Wendy arrived early at the kindergarten. To her surprise, through the windows, she saw Yifan sat quietly on the little bench, and listened to the teacher to tell a story with other kids. Nothing went wrong. Yifan obviously seem to love the new place.

At night, I asked Yifan:

“Are you happy today?”, he said yes.

“Did you cry today?”, he said no. Never….


Yifan, my good boy!

5 thoughts on “Yifan Started His Kindergarten Life

  1. Hi WJS,

    Which one did you choose finally? Private or government sponsored? Any recommendation for us to choose kindergarten in Shanghai?


  2. We actually deferred the choice to about 3 years later. We have moved the Hukou for Yifan to downtown so we still be able to get into public school – the traditional Chinese system, and be open to international / private schools.

  3. Great story. Love it. 8:30 to 4:30 is part time though?? He’s younger than 3 years old?? isn’t that just glorified baby sitting? We’ll have to make this decision soon…

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