Happy Birthday to Goudaner (6th Year)

Today is the 6th year anniversary of my little car – Goudaner.

I cannot believe it that I used the car for 6 years. I didn’t use it very much – just for commute from home to office. The meter only shows 78K km – 13 km per year. The statics shows I used the car less in the last 3 years than the previous 3 years.

When I celebrated the 3rd year anniversary for Goudaner (Happy Birthday to Goudaner (3rd Year)), I drove for 41K – in the last three years, I drove 32K km.

My Sadness

For a small car like Goudaner (FIAT Siena), 6 years seem to be pretty long time. Not only for the car, but also for the family. In the last 6 years, many things changed. The biggest change is the birth of Yifan. For a family like us, and especially for a naughty boy like Yifan, the safety features of Siena worries us. I don’t like Yifan to able to open the back door, and there is no child lock. Besides that, we need a generally safer car – maybe a mid-class car.

That means, I will inevitable come to a point to sell the car for a better one. That is the sad part of life.

I followed my readers’ suggestion to give my first new car a name – Goudaner. People say, when you have a name for the car, the car runs better, and has better luck, since you treat it as a friend, not just a car. That is absolutely true. In the 6 years, we have been together very well – we visited many places, and many memorable moments happened in the car, like the moment we drive on the Nanpu Bridge, moving to Pudong with the last few boxes of what we have in the back, like the moment we welcomed Yifan to his new home, few days after Yifan was born – it was a heavily rainy day…

I guess this is the last birthday Goudaner has in this home. I’d like to thank Goudaner for the wonderful change it brings to the family, and the nice service it provided. We are sad to see old things moved out of our home, just because everything is our materialized memory.

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