Wrapping up 2010 Winter Trip

I am back to the comfortable bed in my home in Shanghai. The 10 days trip, as every previous trips, is wonderful for me – just like Alice’s Adventure in the Wonderland.

I did a quick summary in my Moleskine notebook, and found the following data:

People I meet in depth during this trip: 50 (criteria: spent at least one hour together and had in-depth discussion, and I know their background well, and they know mine well)

Total meetings: 26

Meeting locations: San Francisco, Palo Alto, San Jose, Mountain View, Menlo Park

I am happy to meet the greatest minds of the silicon valley – they are founders of best Internet companies, investors of great track record, and outstanding people from fields like lawyer, finance, and journalism.

Besides that, I attended three relatively larger conference: GSR Ventures New Year Party, Goldman Sachs Internet and Technology Conference, Tsinghua University Alumni Tech Talk, and Stanford Chinese Entrepreneur Organization Dinner. I fit well into the Chinese community and global community, and got great inspiration.

2 thoughts on “Wrapping up 2010 Winter Trip

  1. JS, Welcome back. From reading your various blog entries, I can see what a hectic 10-day trip you must have had. Good to know you were able to meet so many bright Chinese minds in the Bay area. I’m sure you have lots work to catch up coming back. Keep up with the work you’ve been doing.


  2. Yes. It was busy, and I was very excited all the time. I love to catch up with great minds, and keep my brain busy. The regret is, I don’t have enough time to sit down and record what I learnt.

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