Tsinghua & Jiaotong University Alumni Gather

I am just back from the Tsinghua Alumni gather. It turned out to have many Jiaotong (or Chiao-Tung) guys there.

Charlies obviously didn’t tell me that I because one of the youngest person in that room, with some alumni leaving university before I was born. I felt embarrassed to be put into the speakers’ seat with two outstanding entrepreneur (Steward) and VC (Jackie). I hoped I was somewhere in the crowd.

This is the third big gather I attended during the trip, with another Stanford one next Monday. I love the valley because the different organizations connect people together, and the exchange of ideas create value.

To who visited this blog for the first time because of this event, sorry that I didn’t bring enough name card (to be honest, I only had 1 when I entered the room). Since you are here, no name card is needed. My email and phone number is on the homepage. Friend me on Facebook.

P.S. The unexpected gift is, I found my school mate Kunlong Gu who I haven’t seen for 11 years. Very excited.

2 thoughts on “Tsinghua & Jiaotong University Alumni Gather

  1. Congratulations Jian Shuo on your being named by New York Times as Shanghai’s Best/First English-language blogger! Your dedication is an inspiration!

  2. Hi Jian Shuo, great article in NY Times! I really enjoy your blogs about Silicon Valley. If you’re ever in San Francisco, give me a call. I’ll show you Pho from a Vietnamese perspective. Jim Nguyen (415-816-8231).

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