I Should Not Open Nexus One at Night

I made a mistake. I should not have opened Nexus One at night. I just cannot resist the temptation to open it, charge it, and entered my Google Account. Then what happened? I spent about the last one hour, from mid-night to 1:00 AM to play with it.

Just I wrote in I Bought Nexus One, it is like the story of Little Horse Crossing River. How this little horse feel?

It is completely wonderful! I love it. Maybe it is because the problems Robert Mao described has not happened in the first hour. The phone is very impress, especially the email and contact sync part. This little horse is very happy.

I need to go to bed to avoid missing tomorrow’s meeting now.

7 thoughts on “I Should Not Open Nexus One at Night

  1. especially the email and contact sync part.

    Yes, that’s what I like the most, too. You cannot feel the lag. As quick as push.

    Google is bridging the powerful backbone with mobile phone. I understood why Steve hated so much.

  2. I understand Nexus One is not as good as iPhone in many ways, like the carefulness of the design and many hardware side, but at least it catches one thing – a simple tool to process connected information.

  3. I got one this week and am also liking it very much. I find the speed and the multitasking to be the features I enjoy the most, especially compared to the iPhone I was using…

  4. I have bought G1 for 6 months…and I think it’s more valuable now than before. If you have interest, you can test my G1 later :)

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