Very Disappointed in Haikou

I was very disappointed by the city of Haikou. In the most broad sense of classification, Chinese cities can be divided into charming cities, big cities, and ugly cities. In my personal experience, there are two cities in my ugly city list: Haikou, and Changsha.

Look at the view outside the 16th floor of my hotel. Maybe I am here just at the wrong season?

Photo by Jian Shuo Wang, at HNA Grand Hotel 16F

Photo by Jian Shuo Wang, at HNA Grand Hotel 16F

5 thoughts on “Very Disappointed in Haikou

  1. Please add Wuxi to the list of ugly cities! No you are correct I was in Haikou two years ago and it has no features of interest and the weather was worse than your photoes. With the exception of fresh seafood and a mineral hot spring it was worth only a day visit and we immediately traveled to Sanya. Its hard to believe both cities are on the same small island.

  2. I entirely agree on Changsha. I was just there myself and the entire time it was smoggy and horrible. Everything was covered in soot and I did not see the sun for 4 straight days, I think due to pollution. I blogged about a wedding I attended, and hope to do a post on the poverty and pollution soon because I took some sad photos.

  3. It is so densily populated. There are so many buildings! I’m sure that you’ve just come in the wrong time. You won’t be able to see the beauty of any city if you come in uch a weather.

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