Yifan on the Road

To have Yifan with us was less challenging was we thought. Yifan is such a nice boy and he plays nicely with us most of the time. Trip with Yifan makes it harder than just Wendy and me, but it adds so much fan.

Yifan wearing Wendy’s swimming glasses.

Yifan’s second favorite after elevator in Sanya: the electronic trolley car. We don’t have trolley car in our hotel, so Yifan took the chance to touch it, or “ride” it when it is parked. Yifan loves the car so much that we pretend to be another hotels’ guest so he can ride for half minute, before we were discovered. Embarrassing is the father, and exciting is the son.

Besides the trolley car, Yifan loves to be on the back seat of his father’s bike.

People loves Yifan when we go. He got all kinds of gift from people around him: balloons, candies and small toys.

The good thing is, he eats well, and tried many new things, like coconut.

And he sleeps much more than at home, so we have to adjust our pace to fit his schedule, so we missed breakfast in the morning, and watching the pool beside window in afternoons.

Yifan has not waked up yet, in this quiet morning. The little man is tired…

5 thoughts on “Yifan on the Road

  1. Wangjianshuo – you had better say the “little guy” is tired. In US english the “little man” usually refers to something else. I’m sure you can work it out! :-)

    PS – enjoy reading your blog… I’m from the UK but have worked in for several years, both in Silicon Valley and now Shanghai. Its interesting to read your honest, open perspective…

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