Yifan and Questions

In his current age, Yifan loves to ask questions all the time. The typical types of the questions are: “What” and “Why”.

Sample questions:

What is this?

What is on this?

Why this stone is red?

Why this brick is missing?

Why there is no gas hole on train?

Why are you standing here?

Why look at me?


Obviously, he is trying very hard to form an inner mapping of the external world in his brain. He is exploring curiously, and learning happily.

3 thoughts on “Yifan and Questions

  1. I am living since many years in China.

    And I am still very surprised how seldom Chinese people ask themselves this “why” question.

    Is it the 5000 years history of totalitarian political system who train Chinese not to question too much why things are this way.

    I will be please to have the author point of view.

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