Yifan and Mobile Phone

Yifan found mobile phone easier to use than pen, computer, and chopsticks.

His morning routine is to grab my mobile phone and started to input numbers. His favorite is 8. He enters 16 eights (the length limit) and asks me to help him clean it up. Later, when he learned to use the clear key to clean the numbers, he loves the mobile phone better.

His mom recorded a nice folk song Jasmine by herself on her mobile phone. At night, Yifan loves to have the mobile phone, and play the song of his mom. Wendy and I cannot keep from laughing when we hear him play the song again – a big relief to Wendy. Thanks for the new technology. I asked Wendy: “Do you think he can fall asleep with the mobile phone”. Wendy said “no.” She is right. After Yifan is tired of the high-tech equipment, he still reaches out to the low-tech mom to sing for him, so he can feel safely fall asleep.

Another surprise to me was, one morning, I wake up to hear Yifan talking with someone over phone. It turned out that Yifan dialed his grandmother’s phone just by random pushing, and then was happy to hear his grandmother’s voice from it.

Oh. Yifan started to go to kindergartner from few days ago. He cried initially, and complained that the lunch is not as good as home, but he loves to play the big toys in the kindergartner. Still, he is introverted and don’t like to interact with other children. His grandfather said, it is just like me when I am in his age.

3 thoughts on “Yifan and Mobile Phone

  1. My son used to do the same, when he was 2 years old…

    We use to record his pre-schooling rhymes in his own voice in my cell phone.

    I would create a playlist using that and then give it to him with the rhymes playing repeatedly….

    He loves to hear his own voice.

    Enjoy your kid’s schooling activities

  2. JS, be cautious. Not to let your child play with mobile phone that’s turned on with power. So far, medical community still don’t have solid evidence to prove that the radiation from mobile phone is risk free to humans, especially brain. Since a child’s brain is very vulnerable. The best idea is to keep all radiation source away from him.

    A an adult, I always keep my cell phones at least 2 to 3 feet away from me while I am sitting in front of my desk.

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