Wendy Opened a Milk Tea Shop

I know this may be very surprising news for most of my friend, but it is not a joke. Wendy (if you don’t know her yet, she is my sweet wife) opened a Ding Tea (a Taiwan brand) milk tea shop at People’s Square in Shanghai. The grand opening is today (well, not an extremely grand opening, but a warm, crowded, and nice opening).

The Location

Here is the location of the shop:

211 Xizang Middle Road, Shanghai, China

It is at the corner of Xizang Road, and People’s Blvd.

It is opposite to Raffle’s City, and at the foot of the Shanghai Urban Planning Museum

It is also at the gate of the People’s Park and at Metro Exit #3 of People’s Square station of Metro Line #1, #2, and #8.


This is an even more important question. Wendy always has a dream of opening a milk shop (it seems it is many girls’ dream), and I support her to do it with all my heart. Too often that people have dreams but don’t have time to go for it, and I am happy for Wendy to be able to do it. It is more about a hobby and an experience, other than anything else.

The next you visit the People’s Square, do stop by the store and have a cup of milk tea. If you have a Dianping account, you are welcome to leave your comment there.

37 thoughts on “Wendy Opened a Milk Tea Shop

  1. WOW. Congratulations to Wendy and to you !!! Wish you two a lot of luck as I believe luck is a good thing in a new venture. And happiness too :-)

    I will try to stop by next time visiting Shanghai :-)

  2. We will be in Shanghai next week. I love the milk tea we can get in China but can’t get in the U.S.

    We will certainly visit.

    甄玫 罗彬

  3. Congratulations to Wendy for pursuing her passion! I can’t wait to stop by the next time I’m in Shanghai. Maybe she can advertise on Baixing. ;-)

  4. Congratulations and good luck for the newly started business :)

    If I happen to be in Shanghai I will surely pay a visit and sip some milk tea.

  5. Congrats!

    Wish Wendy a booming business.

    That location is “G point” of Shanghai. [ I mean golden point :) ]

    If it doesn’t invlove any business secret, do you minding telling us how much the rental (or price, if you’ve bought it) is?

  6. Congratulations!

    I am in Shanghai now, and will relocate to Shanghai Pudong with my husband. We will go to Wendy’s Shop for the milk tea for sure. Are there any chance to see Your Wendy there?

  7. JS, you should have posted this announcement earlier before the opening. I’m sure the opening will have a good crowd and you can hv another blog gathering during the opening. hahahaha…

  8. @STLPlace, thanks a lot. Next time you are in Shanghai, you can easily find the shop.

    @RC, yes, to follow one’s passion is a great thing. She recruited all her staff within three days on Baixing – interviewed about 10 persons Baixing. Now, many shop in that chain hire staff on Baixing. They got excited to know I am in Baixing, because they were banned on Baixing for repeated posting before. :-)

    @Adam, the rental is pretty high (no disclosure), but I think it is a great location. Time will tell if it is true.

    @DC, what a crazy life, and world – Both Wendy and I were exteremely busy working on our own staff. I did pay a visit at night, and had nice milk tea there.

    Again, thanks all for your warm congratulations. Do drop by. You may not see Wendy there, but she is thinking about having a drawing notebook there, so you can leave a message.

  9. Congratulations to Wendy for her new venture. You are a good husband supporting her to follow her passion and to make her dream come true. I wish her lots of luck. I don’t live too far away from her shop. I’d love to stop by in the near future. Do you have wireless Internet access in the shop?

  10. wow! congratulations! I would stop by there soon with my friends~

    How are the prices like? I have always been drinking at RBT or Happy Lemon.

  11. I heard that monthly rental for a small milk tea booth at the centre of Causeway Bay (adjacent to the gate of Times Square) in Hongkong is HK$300k, but that boss still earns a huge fortune. I think you/Wendy have made a right decision. Location is of top priority in this business.

  12. GOOD for her!! that’s great news, so cute :) I’ll probably be in Shanghai sometime in the next 6 months and be sure to stop by if I’m in People’s Square.

  13. “Wendy always has a dream of opening a milk shop (it seems it is many girls’ dream), and I support her to do it with all my heart. Too often that people have dreams but don’t have time to go for it”

    I love these words ! Congratulations to Wendy.

  14. Congratulations!! Can we, the ones who live overseas, take a rain check for “buy 1 and get 1 for free”;-)… just kidding.

  15. Wah! Congratulations, Wendy!! I have been “OOBR” (out of blog reading :-) for more than a week now (we have a guest and I went on a road trip with her) so am late offering good wishes for your new venture. How exciting to have your very own place. It looks wonderful, and I feel sure you will enjoy much success.

    As with anything when you are an entrepreneur, there are sure to be some headaches, but much satisfaction as well.

    Have fun with your new “baby”!

  16. HI! Jianshuo, I’ve just been back from the People’s Square. I went to Wendy’s tea shop around 6:00 pm, and happened to see her there. The business seemed to be quite good, and I had to line up to ask for one cup of jasmine milk tea there. The the service is pretty good, for the waiter even put the straw into the cup for me. I think I will have a cup of tea every time I dropped by in the future.

  17. Hi Michelle, around 6:00 PM, I happened to be in the shop also – I just visited there for 1 hour from 5:00 PM. It was a pity that I was not there. I tried to help Wendy when I can but meanwhile, keep a far distance from the shop – I was also attracted to be involved – it was such an interesting business. You see people’s smile. I believe icecream shop and milk tea shop, just like Disney, is manufacturing happiness. It is a much happier business than hospital (I don’t want to be a doctor because he has to face suffered people everyday).

    It is a new shop, and the service needs improvement, and they are lack of hands now.

  18. Wow!It was really a pity that I didn’t see you there. I meant to talk to Wendy when I saw her, but I didn’t. I mean that she doesn’t know me, and she was really busy and talking to one of her staff. I don’t know whether it was the right time.Yeah, the waiters were quite busy. Please feel free to tell me if you need some help because the lack of hands now, and I’m gald to give a hand.

  19. Congratulations to you, Janshuo!

    You life is a blossoming flower, full of hope and energy.

  20. Wow! Congratulations!

    It’s so cool! Wendy become a boss of her milk tea shop. I admire the peoples who have their own dreams and can finally go for it. Beside time, energy and much efforts put in, it sometimes needs much more courage, I will definitely try her pearl bubble milk tea when i am in Shanghai next time, and hope to meet Wendy also!

    And i love the location also, coz it is near the Raffle’s city which is my favorite shopping mall :o)

  21. Looks great! Congrats for the shop opening. Will definetely stop by once I’m in Shanghai since I looove milk tea.

  22. Ni Hao,

    My name is Danielle, and I’m a student at the University of Portland in Portland, Oregon, USA. If it’s at all possible, I would love to meet you or your wife; I’m doing a research project on bubble drinks as a part of an entrepreneurship program I am a part of at my school. This program, called Entrepreneurship Scholars (E-Scholars), teaches us the skills that we need to one day successfully launch our own company or non-profit. As part of the program as well, I’ll be traveling to China for my Spring Break, and I will be in Shanghai from March 10-13. If I could stop by and meet Wendy sometime on the 11th and 12th to interview her for my project, I would really appreciate it! The meeting does not need to be long; I would just like to talk about her business experiences and about bubble drinks/milk teas in general.

    I hope to hear from you soon, and I appreciate you taking the time to read this. Please feel free to email me!

    Xie Xie,


    P.S. More information about the program I am a part of can be found here: http://www.up.edu/cfe/default.aspx?cid=5610&pid=119

  23. Hi there,

    I’m still interested in meeting you and/or our wife and checking out her milk tea shop in March! Please let me know if this works for either of you. I could provide more information in an email as well.



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