Closer Look of the Moon

Now we are closer with many things with the help of technology. The moon is not that far away from me with the help of my new Sony HDR-CX500E. Look at the photo below. I took it myself.

8 thoughts on “Closer Look of the Moon

  1. Your new toy is not bad. Can see the Crater Baily clearly from the photos – the largest one near south pole.

    I still remember the excitement when I saw lunar craters for the first time through an astronomy telescope in my junior high school. I was fascinated by the magnificence and mystery of the universe during those a few years, and dreamed I could work in an observatory after growing up. Dream is dream after all. All those astronomy knowledge in my brain is fading away, and fewer & fewer stars can be seen in the city nowadays due to air pollution. Children living in the cities can hardly understand why the galaxy is also called Milky Way. I once had a chance to spend a few nights on a peak of Tianzhu Mountain in Anhui (altitude about 1500m). I’ll never forget that splendid scene, a twinkling “river” running across the dark black sky. At first I thought it was a cloud, until later I realized it consisted of unnumbered dim stars. Do bring your camera and take some starry night photos if you are to stay in mountains one day.

  2. Hi! Jianshuo, I’ve got the same question with JT. The moon in your photo is like that one I observe through the telescope. It’s not like the moon we see with the naked eye. By the way, how are you in Xiamen?

  3. I think that’s just the “zoom in” function of the cam.

    Usually you need to use a tripod when you shoot a dim object while zooming in. Otherwise you can’t hold the cam steadily and the photo would be vague, coz the zoomer also magnifies vibration of your hands. Another solution is to adjust the ISO setting of the cam to a very high value, so you will only need a very short exposure time, during which little vibration could happen. But not every cheap cam can do this. I don’t know if Jianshuo had used any of these tricks. If not, he may have the potential to become a good sniper.

    I do have a question too: why the 2nd photo is yellowish. Did Jianshuo change the “white balance” setting?

  4. The answer is simple – it is just the zoom in feature with no add-on. The camera comes with 12X optical zooming, and 150X digital zooming.

    What impressed me a lot was the 3D Stabilizer. Even with 150X digital zooming, the image is still very stable. You can even use the camera to shoot the moon on the moving car without too much problem.

    The stabilizer is just like the lens floating in oil. You shave it heavily but it makes the move very soft and smooth.

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