Recording of Memories

Will life under camera be better than without one? I guess the answer is yes, just like life with blogging.

After play with Sony Handycam CX500E for two nights, I said this to Wendy: “You know when we should have bought this camera? 1996!” That was the year when we just met.

Look at this sweet family!

P.S. I am trying to recover my account on eBay – that was registered on Nov-13-01 in China – a 8 year account with eBay. It was suspended…. Hmmm….

8 thoughts on “Recording of Memories

  1. I remember the first time I got a camcorder was 1991. Since then, I have been recording almost every year. Now I have accumulated 3 boxes full of tapes, VHS and DV tapes. Almost 20 years of memory. I wonder who is going to watch them later? I guess my immediate children and ourselves. Beyond that, I don’t think anyone would have any interest in them. My children may have some interest in the parts where they spent their childhood, but probably wouldn’t be interested in parts that were before their birth. I guess the main point of making these life videos is for myself and my wife, trying to hold on the part that’s fading away.

    All of these VHSs! I think somedays they may not even be playable, either due to self decay or lack of player to play them. I just bought a VHS to DVD converter, spending couple of hours on every weekend to convert them to DVDs, at the same time, finding an excuse to relive the old life again one more time.

  2. I can’t find CX500E, but found CX500V on I guess it’s probably the same thing. It cost USD $999, with current RMB to USD converting ratio, it’s probably slightly less expensive here.

    I used to have both a SLR camera and a Camcorder. Every time we went out for vacation, we need to take two of them, two bags and lots of tapes and spare tapes. Now, I just bought a DSLR with HD video capability. When we go out for vacation, I only have to carry one camera. My children are getting older and we don’t really take long videos. I think couple-of-minute videos are the most efficient ones because they are not too long to bore the watcher. With a 16GB or 32GB SDHC card, you can take lots of videos and pictures. They can be easily burned into a DVD with both videos and pictures. I find it the most efficient way to collect memories. Just my personal preference, :-)

  3. i just got myself a digital camera and am taking pictures wherever i go in shanghai :D

  4. @jqian, CX500E is basically the same as CX500V. I learned that models of Sony ending with V means it has a GPS receiver embedded in it, but I have no idea what E stand for.

    I agree with you that the still image camera of CX500E is not bad at all – better than most cameras I had.

  5. Hi. I found out that ur blog is very interesting. Yifan is also very cute. And ur english is amazing. haha.. i’ve been to Beijing for Mandarin Class which I already forgot now (haha..); so i know not much person able to speak english fluently there. It’s nice to know you, and I’ll link ur website in my blog, just to keep in touch with u.

  6. Very happy to see this picture :) 不过小逸凡的图片好像变得特别小了,呵呵,看到小朋友好的这么好,真开心 :)

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