Finally Bought Sony CX500E

After posting my intention to buy a camcorder, Wendy and I finally bought one at “Buy Now” computer market at 7550 RMB. The list price at BestBuy is 8499 RMB – Jia doubted why people want to buy at BestBuy. I believe many people will do it. Wendy and I almost bought it, and later though, if a taxi drive to another place can save you 1000 RMB, who not bother?

The problem is, we have too many Hi-Tech toys, but don’t have time to play with it. Time is now a limited resource to enjoy happiness.

Recorded some high-definition movie of Yifan, and we suddenly realized we should have bought it 2.4 years ago. I will send some time this weekend with the new Camcorder.

Any tips about who I organize and share the video? The last thing I want is some passion about the new tool for few days or weeks, and then store it somewhere. Blogging, for example, is a very good format for me to record stuff. What about video? I don’t think video blogging is a feasible.

Met with Yi Jin

Met with Yi Jin at Starbucks at Super Brand Mall. I was very amazed by the Livescribe pen he used. What a great idea to digitize a notebook?

Wendy was very attracted by Kindle. We agreed to buy one as my birthday gift, instead of spending a fancy night at some hotel.

Manchester Business School MBA

At night, I went to attend a lecture by a professor of Manchester Business School on currency exchange, and financial crisis. Not very interesting for a non-finance guy like me. Stanford is still my dream university.

5 thoughts on “Finally Bought Sony CX500E

  1. Jian Shuo,

    After using my Sony eBook Reader 505 for one year, I have enough reason to believe Kindle DX should be much better because of its huge screen. If you can wait, you will expect to get a long-waiting eReader: Plastic Logic eBook reader. Many eBooks fans have been waiting it for a long time and it’s said that it is going to release in early of 2010.

    Hope this helps.



  2. @Molly, yes and no. I don’t think there is equivalent player of Buy Now in US – it is just like a big computer super store. Every counter is leased to different small retailer. There are 50+ people selling exactly the same model with different prices. It is chaos, but effective.

    @Leo, sounds interesting, but Kindle seems to be the one to try first.

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