60 Anniversary of … Motherland?

Tomorrow is the so-called “60 anniversary of the motherland”. It was called 50 anniversary of the motherland 10 years ago, and people just let it go, but this year, with the popularity of blogs, and social media, more and more people are challenging the idea: Is the motherland of China just 60 years old?

I would support to change it to “60 anniversary of the regime”.

In 1 and half hour, the traffic control measures will be implemented in Shanghai. Several roads and buses are blocked. But we are much better than Beijing. Just had a phone call with my friend in Beijing, and they are busy moving out the building. The whole building near the east 4th ring will be shutdown shortly.

10 thoughts on “60 Anniversary of … Motherland?

  1. I think most cases even for China authorization, it is called the 60 anniversary of P.R.C rather than 60 anniverseary of motherland. But for most chinese citizens living in mainland even though we dont agree with government often, P.R.C still is our moutherland.

  2. Will be great if you can include any links to news footage for the troops inspection in Tian An Man Square.

  3. I will only say it is the 60 anniversary of the regime of the People’s Republic of China. It is not a true Republic though.

    Motherland typically refers to the land and the people (current, and in the history), not a regime, or government. My ancestors lived on this land, and they have went through the governance of Song, Yuan, Ming, Qing dynasty, and they were citizen of the Republic of China, and now I am a citizen of PRC, but we share the same motherland.

  4. Will there be any landlords, rightists, stinking ninth intellectuals, Christians, KMT spies, counter-revolutionary elements or bourgeois liberals in the parades?

  5. “On Thursday a grand procession featuring more than 200,000 participants, 150 aircraft and some of China’s newest military hardware will parade down Beijing’s Avenue of Eternal Peace to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China on October 1 1949.

    But residents living near the route have been warned to stay away, keep their windows closed and refrain from watching the “people’s parade” except on television. Even hotel rooms overlooking the route are not available to the public.

    The restrictions will ensure the show is attended only by a select group of powerful Communist party officials and a handful of invited representatives of the masses.” (Financial Times)

    …and I thought the founding morals of the PRC were the working class taking control, facing down imperialism and capitalism etc. etc. From what the government’s doing now I don’t see anything worth celebrating, as things and principles they stood for 60 years ago have all been betrayed.

    In fact, things that the party used to fight against have very much been resurrected by the party itself, so much for “Socialism with Chinese Characteristics”. How can these people still talk about “Chairman Mao’s Thinking” without feeling ashamed of themselves?

    Quite an irony that people are not actually allowed to watch the “people’s parade”.

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