Gaokao Day 2009

Some interesting things about today.


I haven’t realized that it is the day for 10.2 million students to go to the Gaokao (College Entrance Exam) today, until I saw there are some traffic control around some schools. The big signs wrote: “No horn!”.

Yes. It is Gaokao time, the most important day for most students at age of 18. My Gaokao was 14 years ago. Today, it is not very hot in Shanghai, good for them!

Digital Fortress

I completed reading another novel – Digital Fortress by Dan Brown.

I didn’t read too many novels. The completed novel are still a little bit more than single digit in my memory. Dan Brown did a nice job – not as good as Da Vince Code, but it is still very attractive one.

Tianzifang 田子坊

In the afternoon, Wendy and I went to Tianzifang, an art area at Taikang Road 泰康路. Very nice place, and I would highly recommend people to go there – there are many art galleries, nice food, and many interesting stores. Wendy was so attracted by a oil painting class there, and may be enrolling into the program for some time.

4 thoughts on “Gaokao Day 2009

  1. Hi moving to Shanghai very soon my daughter who is 13 and always on the net is worried that she won’t be able to keep in touch etc through Youtube ,facebook,Twitter etc etc is this true ??Noticed that you have a Facebook page she also tells me no MSN or hotmail ..any help would be very much appreciated.

  2. Lucy, MSN and hotmail usually work in Shanghai. They were recently blocked but I don’t know if access was turned back on.

    Youtube has been blocked for most of this year. There’s some alternatives like

  3. @lucy

    you may use “freegate” or (ultrasurf)

    search “U92.exe” and download it, then go any place on Inet !

  4. Hi, you seem to know a lot about Gao Kao. Where can I find statistics about how many HS grads went to gao kao in the last 3 years. I have read there was a decline of 3.8% in total this year, but I also heard that e.g. in Shanghai there was a drop of over 25%.


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