Meetings Today

Since talking with industry insiders have been my full time recently, I talked with many great people today. I met with Zhongwei Lee, president of Shopex over lunch. He is an expert on sales management, and business model. Then I talked with Carsten – we found out that we are in the same building (Hao Ran Hi-Tech Building), but we never met each other (even not in elevator), and in the afternoon, I met with John Chow (yes, the famous John from I finished my day with great conversation with Jack Gu, CEO of, the C2C Lending platform in China. He mentioned that he has unsubscribed his broadband Internet plan at home and switched to dial-up. I think it is a fantastic idea to free up some time at night.


Today’s weather is terrible – heavy rain. Looking from the platform of our office to Pudong direction, you can hardly see anything further than 2 km. Terrible visibility. This winter of Shanghai is maybe the rainiest winter in Shanghai – I do miss the sunlight, but Shanghai has not officially entered raining season yet (it is around April to June).

Planting Trees

Today is the National Tree Planting Day. Many people go to plant trees. From twitter, I heard someone says: “Check out TV tonight. All the party and government leaders must be planting trees before camera tonight.” I smiled. Yes. Today, as in the last decade, you don’t really need to turn on TV to know that is on the news today. It is always the same format. You don’t miss too much if you don’t watch it…


Recently, I am started to pay attention to the Fengshui – it is a mystery for many people, including me. But I felt I have found some rules within it, and start to understand some of it. I just wrote a blog in Chinese titled: A Water Glass on the Left Hand. I may write about it in my English blog some day when I understand it more…

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