Thoughts After Seeing Dubai Tower

Anyone here ever visited Dubai? Saw the Dubai Tower?

Image in courtesy of Ammar Abd Rabbo

I saw an article about Dubai on the recent issue of Asia Business Leaders. I was very impressed by the Dubai Tower. It is so tall. When you see things as tall as this big, people may give up the idea of building a even taller building than that.

At least, I lost my interest in the future Shanghai Tower (632m when finished), which is taller than the current Shanghai World Financial Center, but much lower than this tower.

I admit that people sometimes get crazy about building really tall architect, and be very passionate about it, until you see some really really tall things, and ops… why bother doing that?

15 thoughts on “Thoughts After Seeing Dubai Tower

  1. It isn’t always about how tall the tower is – it is also about how it looks. Jin Mao Tower for example is still more interesting and more beautiful compared to World Financial Center or Dubai Tower. At least to me.

  2. A friend who flew into Dubai en-route to someplace else said that the airport looks like some kind of gigantic spectacular set in a futuristic science fiction film. My favorite new piece of architecture is still Beijing’s beautiful “bird nest” stadium. Maybe you can tell us, Jian Shuo — are those buildings that were specially constructed for the Olympics continuing to be well-used?

  3. it’s so tall, but the buildings around this tower is looks low.

    i don not think this tower is beautiful.

  4. Sometimes, the height is the key factor to be well-known. This kind of situation is same as the mountain. We, probably, heard that ‘how tall is that building’ or ‘how tall is that mountain’, even ‘how tall is Yaoming’.

  5. Well. The negative feeling just comes out of the big jump of building heights. It is just like many altheths are competiting for years for decease 100 meter running by 0.01 second. All of a sudden, someone comes in and decrease the 100 meter record by 2 seconds…. It is not a good thing for people love watching race… It is the same for building.

    The other reason is about cost. Mountain is tall – OK. Yaoming is tall – OK. It does not comes at cost. But when you see the existance of really tall thing at huge cost, you started to think again, and say “Wait a minute. What is the point of building such a tall buiding?”

    That is all I felt.

  6. after having that tall building, people started to worry… oh no, some terrorist is going to crash a plane on the tall building.

    so, what is the point to have such a tall building. it might be ended a not fully utilize and waste energy to lit up the building.

  7. The government of Dubai maybe wanna a symbol to represent their spirit. So they built such tall building. Maybe they have too much money. But in my opinion, it is not a beautiful building. It is just like a huge pillar.

  8. Agree with TY. nothing special. does not remember it at all. Unlike other interesting iconic architectural in other parts of the world.

  9. Huge.. yet so very unappealing. Well, that’s just my opinion. I wouldn’t want to live in there… one small trip, knowing my clumsiness, might be the last of me. Heh.

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