Flying Back to Luoyang Tomorrow

Tomorrow, we will fly back to Luoyang for several days, and get back next Monday.

It is the first time Yifan gets back home in Luoyang. For the first time, he will see his sisters, and brothers (my brothers’ children). How exciting.

Also, it is the longest time I can spend full time with Yifan in the recent months.

I am back….

P.S. I got my new glasses. Need some time to get used to it.

1 thought on “Flying Back to Luoyang Tomorrow

  1. Wow! You’re going home so early, and I will go home on 22nd this month. Why not post a photo of yourself here with your new glasses? That must be cool! BTW, this comment is a milestone for me, because it is the one hundredth comment I left here, besides the five comments I left by my facebook account. So I’m now much nearer to the golden medal. Hoho! ^-^ +U

    Just take good care of Yifan and Wendy during your journey tomorrow, yourself as well.

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