Christmas Eve 2008 at Xintiandi

Where did we spend tonight at Christmas Eve? We went to Xintiandi. We wanted to find some place with large Christmas trees, and with many cute lights, so Yifan will be very happy about. It turned out Yifan was very happy, but there are so many people (I cannot imagine Xintiandi having so many people, and the newly built tower (at the corner of Taicang Rd, and Xingye Rd, and is very ugly. What is the name?) completely changed the feeling of Xintiandi – made it like a valley.

I took some photos of what I saw tonight.

8 thoughts on “Christmas Eve 2008 at Xintiandi

  1. hehe i think everybody was happy yesterday evening,at the same time did you also eat a fat dinner?hehe be careful your stomach,just do not like my boss who may be eat to much or something bad yeaterday evening and today must stay at home and unfortunatly he had been up all yesterday night .

  2. I really love winter in Shanghai. I think I left my heart there.. that’s why I wanted to be back so much. If only I know there are great english speaking people like you earlier..

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