Wangjianshuo’s Blog Supports Facebook Now

With about 2 hours learning and coding tonight, I finally enabled Facebook Connect on this blog. You may have noticed the Facebook Connect login button at the comment section of this page. That is it.

You can click on the button. If you have a Facebook account, you can simply click OK to login this site, and then you will see your photo, and your name, email, url information auto filled. Then you can comment with that information.

This is just the very simple first step about integration, and in the future, I will add more features, for example:

  • Post your comment automatically back to your Facebook profile page as News Feed.
  • See who esle you know are on this site
  • Share the page with your Facebook friends more easily

The possibility is unlimited. After trying both Google Friend Connect and Facebook Connect, I have to say, I gave rating 90 out of 100 for Facebook Connect, and 10 out of 100 for Google Friend Connect. The 10 points Facebook loses is because it is not easy to implement it, and the 10 points Google gets is only because it is simple to add, but basically useless.

If you want to know how I did it, you can check out this page: Facebook Connect with MovableType.

Hope to see you sigin and comment soon.

36 thoughts on “Wangjianshuo’s Blog Supports Facebook Now

  1. Welcome, Zhutengg. No worries. I didn’t change the function in any way, so if you don’t have Facebook account, you can still use this site, and very easily leave a comment

  2. Hi jian shuo – i think it worked ok – but when i first click login using FB, I got a memory error – it did still log me in though – I just browsed backwards and forwards to get back here and my login details were loaded. Neat stuff – well done.

    FYI – we’ll be in Shanghai from CNY eve (25th jan) until around the 3rd week of feb – perhaps it might be time for yifan and jaime to finally meetup? :D

  3. There are still some small errors that I need to correct later. Don’t worry, Michelle, it will get back soon.

    Aussie Pete, yes, we should do it. Ping me when you are in Shanghai.

  4. Great implimentation of FB connect! I found your site because of the beijing to shanghai train pics. I’ll be there in Feb and your post was very helpful!

    Thanks again.

  5. A wonderful tool! Your blog is becoming more and more social.

    I think your next step is to integrate Google Friend Connect with your blog. :)

  6. Very good. I have just integrate facebook connect with too.

    I very much agree with your view on google friend connect. It’s just a gadget, we can’t do any integration between our website and the gadget.

  7. Have you found any drawbacks to using Facebook Connect, namely that your readers might be reluctant to use it given privacy concerns about Facebook?

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