Photos of Hong Kong in December 2008

The IFC (Hong Kong International Finance Center). Obviously it does not change over years, but every year, and the persons who take the photo should be the same as the previous trip, but every time, the feeling is still slightly different.

Hong Kong’s ferry has a very lovely name: Star Ferry, or 天星小轮. It by itself is a highlight of my Hong Kong trip.

At night, the lights of buildings always shines under the clear sky:

The street scene of Hong Kong is pretty much similiar to Shanghai, reminding us of the deep connection between the two cities around 1940s.

4 thoughts on “Photos of Hong Kong in December 2008

  1. Those images are beautiful, Jian Shuo. I am so envious of your skills as a night photographer. I have not yet mastered the night settings for my camera, but you inspire me to keep trying!

  2. Carroll, I do have some tricks to share about night scene taking. The basic one is, Turn on Timer, and put the camera onto a solid surface, then let the camera take the shoot by itself, and last for long enough. I will explain more very quickly in another post.

  3. Those pictures are wonderful, and you’re really a skilled photographer. Thanks for sharing those skills, and I’m looking forward to your post concerned. I’m not good at photographing, while, my litttle brother loves it, and he doesn’t do well in nightshot.

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