I Now Prefer Inexpensive Hotels

I am sitting in the lobby of the Arctic Club Hotel, Seattle. This is a nice historic hotel in downtown, at 700 3th Ave, Seattle. Since I still have 1 hour before YLF car pick me up, I think I should take the time to write down some of the thoughts during my US trip so far. I will beginning with the experience I gained from this trip.

On Hotel Selection

I love Renaissance Hotel in Beijing, I love Shangri-la in Beijing, I enjoy the current hotel I am staying, but on the money wise, I seem to enjoy cheaper hotels with easy parking, like Super 8 in US, or Hanting, Rujia in China.

On Comparison

The good hotels have too much to offer. I will definitely choose a better hotel when I take vacation, but for business trip, and for sightseeing, I don’t need too much of the facilities.The only thing I need is a wireless or wired network, and a bed.

Next time, I am more clear about what I need. I don’t know why, but I am still not in a phase to feel comfortable to stay in expensive hotels, if I pay it by myself or by my company.

Avoid Towntown in US

After visiting bay area, I enjoy so much about having a car and stay somewhere near highway. Although it is far from downtown, I enjoy that life. I drove from Seatac airport to downtown, and suffer a lot. I parked my car on the street, but need to wake up early enough to drive it away, and send them back to Avis, and then get back to hotel again.

The other problem is, when I check out my room at 12:00 PM sharp – they don’t allow late check out today – I have to sit in the lobby. Not a very good idea.

However, a motel outside the city enjoys much more room for parking and the flexibility with a car…

Next time, I will definitely avoid city downtown if my main destination is not city sightseeing.

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