Dinner with Friends in Microsoft in Redmond

Just back from dinner at Maple Garden Chinese Restaurant at 14725 NE 20th St. (really bad food in standard of China standard).

Washington state is very different from California, and Microsoft is very very different from what I saw in the silicon valley. After several years, Microsoft seems to be more conservative, and more like a big company. I just have a feeling that Microsoft is more like Boeing…

Get back to hotel. Pretty tired. Pardon me for the short and not-in-detail style. Will add more later. Get to bed now.

9 thoughts on “Dinner with Friends in Microsoft in Redmond

  1. If you come up to Vancouver, Canada, there are some very authentic Chinese food (due to a large influx of immigrants from China … what better than to open up a restaurant?) … let me know if you ever swing up here.

  2. In Seattle, due to small Chinese population, best food is seafood or Japanese food, if you like Chinese food, try the Northwest Tofu shop for lunch or breakfast, 19 St. by Jackson, or in the Bellevue area, try Toy’s cafe for dinner, 107 by Main which serve authentic beef noodle. Both are small eateries and does not look glamorous but very clean.

  3. @stephen

    agreed. Wild Alaska salmon is absolutely the best.


    Maple Garden sucks. If you have time, try Shanghai Shanghai and Shanghai Cafe in factorial mall, they serve decent Shanghai food. Plus, Shanghai Shanghai also serve lunch in Red West, bld 108 or 81…

  4. Yes. Shanghai Shanghai was closed. I know there is a DL (distribution list, like mail list) in Microsoft in Redmond, with the name after the restaurant, with all the people who relocate from Microsoft Shanghai to Redmond. I heard the stories that they have closed the business.

  5. Maple Garden owner is Taiwanese. There are some good dishes if you know what to order.

    I think the best Chinese place near MSFT right now is Chuan Ba Wang; the qongqing la de ji (the spicy chicken) is as good as any I’ve had in China, and lots of other good Sichuan dishes. If you like Korean food, try Seoul Hotpot (get seafood pancake) or Blue Ginger.

    If you are in town still and want company for lunch or dinner, let me know. I will happily skip work to get a bite with you!

  6. Joshua, I hope I have gotten your advice before the trip. I am in Snoqualmie, WA now, and will catch very early flight in Seattle to SFO and directly transit to Shanghai. Hope the next time we can get some together.

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