Yogurt in a Bottle

In Beijing (and in other north cities in China, like Luoyang), yogurts are sold in the small bottle, like coke.

I love this kind of Yogurt a lot. Didn’t see any of this kind in Shanghai, but in Beijing, it seems most store selling ice cream or coke sell it. You have to stand at the store to eat it because you have to return the bottle to the store. I love this unique experience in Beijing a lot.

12 thoughts on “Yogurt in a Bottle

  1. Jianshuo,

    Bottle or not, I miss the Yogurt in China. The Yogurt in the States are much sweeter, not the same taste as the ones in China :-(

  2. While drinking/eating my yogurt at lunch yesterday I was thinking of the amount of waste that must get produced from all of the yogurt packaging…

  3. I love this yogurt tooooooooooooo. Did you try the yogurt in Xining, Qinghai Prov., even thicker than these bottle ones. hmm~delicious~

  4. Such a cute Yogurt bottle even makes me homesick. I miss the sky of Beijing, because it’s similar with that of my hometown. I miss the roads in Beijing, because they are as broad as those in Shaanxi. I miss the smell in the air of Beijing, because it’s the same with that in my hometown. All of those in Shanghai are totally different, which shows the difference between the south and the north in China. I miss the tasty dishes in the eatery of Beijing Normal University at which I stayed last time, because they are almost of the hometown flavor. I miss all my good friends in Beijing, because they are all my old friends since senior school, even so many happy moments we enjoyed together and unforgettable memories came into my mind.

  5. Hi Jianshuo,

    I used to drink a lot of this “fat boy” yogurt when in Beijing. The shape of the bottle is lovely and I even collected a few and brought them back to Shanghai! (You sure the bottle must be returned?)

    Now back to business :) This morning I compiled the English page of our site and wanted to add a few links that can help the overseas visitors, as a fan of your blog, I certainly put your works as part of it (see here: http://www.jiajiasunshine.com/?page_id=75)

    My question is – can I have an integrated one, that is, one link that includes all “discover Shanghai” and “Living in Shanghai” items together? I think that would be great.

    Thanks a lot and enjoy the Beijing yogurt!


  6. Yeah, I also tried this kind of bottle Yogurt when I travelled in Lanzhou, capital city of Gansu Province,on a business trip in the Autumn 2006.It was really new thing to me and never saw that before.

    The stores selling the Yogurt are on the bank of Yellow River(Flows thru the city), and a few tables are near the store.At first I saw some bottles were on the table and no idea what is the use till some young people drinking it and left on the table.I don’t drink too much Yogurt in shanghai but I tried 2 bottles there,for fun and it is really thick and tasting good.You can sit on the bank,enjoy the beautul scenery of Yellow river.BTW, I also visited the famous Steel Bridge across the river, named as Zhongshan.

    This is my second time to make comments here,I hope I can bring something new to all, forget the not good written English, just want to share something.

  7. If you are in Los Angeles, California, in the city of Alhambra, there is a yogurt shop called Blue Cherry. There they have Beijing style yogurt! They sell it in the clay pot if you will drink it there or in a plastic cup to go.

    Does anyone have a recipe for Beijing peanuts? I ate at some street shops and they would serve peanuts with their shells on soaked in some type of light vinegar. Delicious!

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