Nanluoguxiang Is Special

I am in Beijing.

After June this year, I started to switch to cost saving Hanting Hotel (a cheap hotel chain) when I travel in Beijing. To me, to be honest, I just feel better in Hanting Hotel than the previous hotels I stayed – say, Shangri-La, or Renaissance. I am not saying it is better, but at a price that is 1/4 of 5 star hotel, and have all the things you need, it is just great.

  • Good location
  • High speed Internet (free)
  • Clean bed
  • Can take bath

The more important reason is, I feel closer to the city.

Like this time, the Hanting Inn in Houhai area is at the Nanluoguxiang 南锣鼓巷- direct translation of the name will be: South Drum and Gong Lane…

smugsmug has some great photos.

This lane is very special – the mixed feeling of Beijing and Lijiang. It is hard to tell what is the origin of that feeling. Or to generally call it, the feeling of travel. They have many bars and stores, featuring the things travelers may like. You should pay a visit – it is not far from the Houhai.

The map is here.

8 thoughts on “Nanluoguxiang Is Special

  1. A fish and chip shop? I didn’t know about that! My favorites are the barbecue restaurant Shaorouren (烧肉人) and the Korean restaurant Saveurs de Coree.

  2. I found this place on google map by the hyperlink you offered, and I think I’ve ever been there. The last time I visited Beijing was two years ago. When I visited Houhai, I took a Hutong travelling by a three-wheel bike there. The rider took me to a lot of Hutongs which are very old Beijing-characterized. There are some specially decorated stores and bars on some of the Hutongs, and some Hutongs are very narrow. The rider also tell me some interesting stories of these Hutongs. I think this Nanluoguxiang is one of them to which I travelled.It’s a pity that I’ve never been to Lijiang and cannot have your feeling. Anyway this is a place worth travelling to.

  3. By the way, Jianshuo, I’ve got a question. Why is the time on this site is one hour earlier than Beijing time?

  4. @Michelle, the reason is, my server is in US, and they change day-light-saving back and forth. I don’t want to change it according to their time saving because at the end of the day, it will be accurate. So the short answer is, the time will be correct again in winter.

  5. Thanks for your answer, Jianshuo. It seems that I cannot be with what all you said, hence, I’ll keep your short answer ‘the time will be correct in winter’ in my mind. I wish winter would come soon.

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