Problem of Having a Good Email Address

I have a friend in San Francisco who has a very good email address:

The last year, I sent an email to him to his email address, and not surprisingly, I got a reply like this

From: —–

Sent: Monday, September 03, 2007 6:53:40 AM


This is an automated response – please read carefully. “”

receives several hundred eMails per day that are not intended for myself

but were addressed incorrectly. As a result I can only accept eMail from

known eMail addresses – your eMail address is not YET known to my eMail



***Please verify that you are trying to reach ——- @ BV.

***If that is the case, please reply to this Auto Response and

***include “To Tom” in the subject line***

***This will get your eMail past my filter directly into my Inbox.


I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you – once I receive

your eMail with “To Tom” in the subject line I will add you to my

filteras a “Known Sender” and you should be able to reach me easily for

as long as you use the same eMail address.

Your original eMail with headers is below. If there was an attachment,

please re-atttach that again if possible.

Thank you!


I think I don’t think there is too much problem for disclosing my friend’s email address since tom @, just as, or, is one of the most often used testing email address people may think of. It is so funny to have this “good email address” problem. I do believe he will get several hundred emails to his mail box, and maybe adding two or three after I publish this article. Good luck to Tom.

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