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Recently, at Baixing.com, we are testing Natural Search Optimization. We got some ideas, and I’d like to test on the ideas on my blog first, and see how it works – it is easier to test on a small blog than a big site…


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Now: Nanyang is in south of Henan province, China, in the Nanyang plateau. Wendy, my wife is from Nanyang, and we often go back to Nanyang and visit family and friends there. Here, you can find my observation of Nanyang’s social environment, street scenes, and trip reports from Nanyang, hotels, and tour like Baotianman. However, this is not the Nanyang Technological University (colleges), not about the Nanyang in Singapore, its MBA program. :-)


Previous: My story with my car – Goudaner, a FIAT Siena 1.5HL. Having a car is completely new kind of lifestyle, althogh I am pretty used to it – after I bought it 4 years ago. Hope you enjoy my stories with Wendy and Goudaner.

Now: My story with my car – Goudaner, a FIAT Siena 1.5HL. Having a car is completely a new lifestyle in Shanghai. I am pretty used to it now, after I bought it 4 years ago. Here you can find all my record of my car – how I bought it, how we initially hit the road, and how we navigate the city the the car, and all kinds of things related to my car. It is a story of Wendy, me and Goudaner – the car.


Title changed to Hotels

Before: Good hotels in Shanghai.

After: Many of my readers dropped me emails to ask for lodging information, discount hotels, budget hotels, tour guide or even asked me to help on hotel reservations, or other tour related services. This category is my own experience with Shanghai hotels. It contains a range of hotels from budget hotels to 5 star hotels and resorts. Since I live in Shanghai, I didn’t stay in many hotels myself, but I often attend meetings and events in their ballrooms, and sometimes use the lobby to meet people. Click on the links below to get my some idea about what I think of the hotel. Disclaimer: It is just my personal view of hotel, and resorts, and does not mean to be objective – it is very subjective view.

By Air

Title changed to Flights

Before: Travel by air in China.

After: I frequently travel by flights from Shanghai to Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Hong and other cities in China. I am not a travel agency, or ticket broker. Some of my readers asked me many questions regarding China flights, flights to a city, airfares, or ticket booking. I am sorry that I cannot help to plan your trip, or arrange your tickets. What I can, however, is to share my personal experience of my countless flight travel experience with you, and help you to understand what exactly flights in China looks like


Title changed to Shanghai Weather

Before: The weather of Shanghai. For the first time vistors or people relocating to Shanghai, is there anything more important than this?

After: The weather of Shanghai. For the first time visitors or people relocating to Shanghai, is there anything more important than knowing its weather? Shanghai’s weather is dry and hot in summer, and cold, humid and cold in winters. The worst weather in Shanghai, in my mind, is May to July, which is always rainy all the time. The best weather is typically in Autumn. If you are picky about weather, choose October to come to Shanghai. In this category, browse my record of weather of Shanghai since 2002, and get first hand information about weather in Shanghai.

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