Kong Fu Panda Hits Shanghai Tomorrow

Tomorrow, movie Kong Fu Panda will start to show in Shanghai. Hmm… I heard the movie is pretty good, and I am thinking about going to theatre to watch it sometime next week. The recent Kong Fu movie, like Forbidden Kingdom by Jet Li and Jackie Chen was really disappointing, and I think this one may contrasts with it and should be better.

8 thoughts on “Kong Fu Panda Hits Shanghai Tomorrow

  1. Hi Jianshuo! It’s been several months since I’ve commented on your blog! But I still visit it about a few times a week. Hey, you’ve gotta watch Kungfu Panda. I watched it last Saturday night and it was HILARIOUS! I laughed almost non-stop from beginning to end. By the way, is the movie going to be shown in Mandarin? If so, do let me know the actors doing the voicing. The English script is really good. And the animation is very realistic, especially those with scenery, bowls etc. Do share your comments with us after watching the show. *:)

  2. Oh, I forgot to add that, apart from the humour, the movie has a very good message for its audience. It’s a pretty uplifting story. *two thumbs up* *:D

  3. Yahoo ! another Spielberg movie I can get from my friendly DVD pirate.

    Better to get another chinese fed than paying money to that turncoat.

    He is not going to make any money from this Chinese.

    He has his conscience, and I have mine.

  4. Hi Jianshuo!

    The movie is wonderful! I’ve watched it yesterday and believe me, there is a lot of humor in it!

    It is worthed seeing!

  5. yes, the movie is great, typical heroic American movie. and i like to learn “WuJi finger pick”, it’s pretty powerful. :-)

  6. @wonton, heehee, yup, long time no “see”. *:) Missed me? Hiaks.

    @rangew, I didn’t think it was a typical heroic American movie. It’s more like Shrek, the case of an unlikely hero “saving the world”. I thought it was pretty uplifting. *:)

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