Look at Places I have Ever Been

Here is a list of places I have ever been – those places I stayed long enough so I have more than 3 blog posts to talk about. In this list, I didn’t put it in a hierarchy so China may be listed in parallel with Chengdu… I just listed those places other than the places with a category under “In China”, and “United States”.

  1. Australia (15)
  2. Beijing (41)
  3. Boston (3)
  4. By Air (22)
  5. By Train (21)
  6. Chengdu (3)
  7. Chicago (2)
  8. Daocheng (28)
  9. Guangzhou (3)
  10. Hangzhou (7)
  11. Hong Kong (13)
  12. In China (7)
  13. Japan (6)
  14. Lijiang (7)
  15. Luoyang (12)
  16. Nanyang (6)
  17. New York (12)
  18. Qingdao (3)
  19. San Francisco (11)
  20. San Jose (33)
  21. Sanya (7)
  22. Seattle (13)
  23. United States (12)
  24. Washington D.C. (2)
  25. Xiamen (5)

I hope one day, I am able to add Paris, London, Tokyo onto the list.

Why I Listed the Places?

I just realized that I have been to many cities when I look back to my travel category. Look at how many cities I have been – most of the cities are in China. My readers often send me questions like: which city I should visit during my first visit to China? Wow. Such a big question that is not easy to answer. Let me summarize my favorite cities.

  1. Qingdao (3)
  2. Beijing (41)
  3. Daocheng (28)
  4. Hangzhou (7)
  5. Xiamen (5)

I posted many photos (over the period of 5 years!) and I hope the photos can be the first hand research resources for my readers who plan their first visit to China – There are many places in China (sure thing), but I have just been to this limited cities. Hope one day, I can plan for a trip just like Dan Washburn did in his around China tour. I guess I can double or triple my city list in two months.

Which category listed above do you love most?

4 thoughts on “Look at Places I have Ever Been

  1. So many places!! Envy you a lot!

    Maybe you can tag them on Google Maps. :)

    Noticed you’ve removed the drop down menu of categories on the header.

  2. My mom and me just came back from Beijing. We were trying ti go to Luoyang to see the peony garden. We will try again next year.

    We saw quite a bit of peony and other flowers in Beijing, can’t complain.

  3. i just went to chengdu. it was my second time to the city, but my first time outside of the city. i realize that i WOULD live in chengdu if only because i could visit the mountains surrounding the city. this time round i only made it 3 hours away to emeishan. but it was already heaven, if if that meant travelling another 2 hours uphill. i would one day hope to travel to songpan, and other lesser known cities west of chengdu, closer to the tibetian highlands.

    chengdu municipal government has done something great that i really hope cities by the coast can do. it has moved all the industrial areas far away from the city itself. this way, i could actually smell the difference in the quality of air in the city, compared to nanjing for example.

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