Slow Internet Connection in Early May

I am experiencing very slow Internet connection these days – even Google home page takes about 20 seconds or longer to open.

I guess many people are experiencing the same thing. Why?


I just realized that Windows Vista SP1 is releasing these days, and according to Microsoft, Windows Update on every Vista computer is busy downloading from Windows Update to get SP1.

I checked my system tray and realized that in the last night, it only downloaded 49% of the update, and the number does not change in a long time (10 minutes?)

If you also experience the slowness of Internet connection (not only in China, but also in many other countries), it may because of this. The last time, it was confirmed that the Windows XP SP2 patch was the major reason for slow Internet connection. Last time, it lasted for quite some time (few days).

Hope someone can calculate the money wasted on bandwidth because of Microsoft’s update.

18 thoughts on “Slow Internet Connection in Early May

  1. I can’t understand why Microsoft is still so popular in China. All those updates, service packs and viruses. Switch to Macs. Life is so much more pleasant.

  2. you know what? I think it’s a global thing. I was experiencing the exact same thing here in US yesterday. But everything is back to normal today.

  3. Hi @Jian Shuo – after years of following your blogging site, you have inspired me to begin my own to keep track of our day-to-day activities and live as a tribute to our lives abroad. I have posted a link to this site on the opening entry.

    Please have a look at our site… I don’t think the China GFW will allow you to visit the URL ‘proper’ so also post the direct blog link which (hopefully) can be accessed form the China mainland:

    From mainland China:

    Kind regards and thank for the inspiration… :D

  4. why are so many sites blocked in China? I would think that that would only make many Chinese even more curious to know what the sites contain.

    In the true spirit of the Olympics, let the blocking stop.

  5. @Shrek7….. There are so many things in China that “should” be like this, but it works that way. I hope we can “let the blocking stop”.

  6. @wonton – thanks for the wishes – almost completely recovered now!!!! *Whew* – was pretty bad for a while there… am I correct to assume that you have a way to somehow get around the GFW of China to be able to view Maybe you could share your secrets with me??

    FYI (and Jian Shuo) – just posted the latest instalment on my blog which may be a little controversial give the online gaming culture here in SG – “Regulation of Cyber Cafes in Singapore (Internet Cafes) and Gaming Addiction of our Youths”… this topic is getting a bit of airplay here in SG media right now… take care…

  7. @AussiePB : It’s pretty easy to get around the GFW. Just stay outside China ! har har!

  8. I am located in the US and when I try to connect to sites I normally use in China I have slow to no connection. Any ideas what may be going on atm… this isnt exactly normal?

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