Street Scenes of Nanyang

First two photos of my trip in Nanyang.


In any of the residential area, the walls look like this. The ads are for pluming works, and relocating. The lack of good management for public property is a key problem in Henan, and in China (overall).


Update April 20, 2008

Sometimes writing a blog means that you have to keep your promise and try to post a blog entry no matter how hard it is. I am in Nanyang now, and don’t have Internet access. Fortunately, I still have a China Unicom CDMA card in my laptop, but I have to tolerate the slow speed. The two photos I posted last night took longer time than I expected, and I felt asleep before Windows Live Writer report complete of post.

Today, let me explain what I meant by the two photos.

Photo 1: Popular way to Get Around

The first photo is about the tricycle seen everywhere on the street of Nanyang. There are taxi, and taxi is more and more popular every time I am back. The first time I came to Nanyang, only tricycles were available to hire.

Photo 2: Advertisement inside Residential Building

The sticker with telephone number of relating and pluming work (sometimes with fake certificate of all kinds) are everywhere. This is the entrance of where Wendy’s Uncle live. Not just this wall, all the three walls are covered by the stickers. No just that building, all the building I visited are the same. No only in the buildings, the numbers can be seen in most of the public walls along streets. Better governing is needed for this town to be more beautiful.

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