Flight from Shanghai to Nanyang, Henan

Thanks to China Southern Airlines, we have direct flight from Shanghai to Luoyang (my hometown) and Shanghai to Nanyang (Wendy’s hometown). Today, I took the flight for the first time with Wendy and Yifan.

Small Aircraft

The airline is using CRJ airplane, a very small one. It only have about 50 seats, and there are three seats per row (numbered as A, D, and F). We do worried about turbulence and safety of the small plane, but it turned out to be pretty good. I took some photos.

The Airplane

Look, the door itself is steps, and you only need 5 steps to get onto the plane.


This is within the aircraft. Although there are only 3 seats per row, the seat is pretty standard, and not in mini-size.


The parking indicator of CRJ.


The flight was great. Very smooth, and very convenient. After using the 5 staircase to get onto or out of the plane, I don’t want to use the big ladder of Boeing 737 or 747 any more.


People may not care, but a small airplane plus a small airport like Nanyang makes it so convenient for passengers. That means, 3 minutes after landing, we are able to see our family members waiting in the small terminal. Luggage? Just a few that the round rolling pickup counter didn’t event rotate for one circle before everyone get their luggage.


Here, we are at Nanyang Airport!


Nanyang Airport (NNY) only have one runway without taxi way. So it looks funny for me for the plane to land on the runway then made a U-Turn ON the runway to get back to the middle, where the terminal is. This design is good enough for an airport with just less than 3 flights per day.


7 thoughts on “Flight from Shanghai to Nanyang, Henan

  1. Have a good time with your family, Jian Shuo — I bet Yifan will be the star of the visit :-)

  2. how the world changes… think about how old you were when you took your first flight (21 for me), and how old your son is for his first flight!

  3. I am looking forward to your comments on Nanyang. I will be visiting Nanyang later this year and want to know all I can about it!

  4. Please enjoy the convenience of small airplanes and airports as much as possible. And they will not last very long. These cities will grow so quickly that they soon need to build much bigger airports and use, consequently, much bigger airplanes.

    Of course you may keep enjoying this kind of convenience in the future if you can travel by private jets ;-)

  5. This is the entirely smallest fligt I have ever seen. Have good time in your trip.

  6. It is even more fun if you board into a twin-otters, with propellers fan. That is really fun.

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