Google Docs is Good

This is my test of the new Google Docs – it is hard to define what “new” means in Google product. Maybe when I am writing this document, it is becoming “old” version. Amazing.

The default font is changed to Verdana, 10pt, my favorite, and the same as my blog, and I can insert a picture (Google handles all the pluming work to upload the photo and assign a URL to it.

I can insert a link like this: my blog. (This is the default expectation. No surprise here)
I can even insert comment:
and block quote
Like this
Best of all, I can even publish it from Google Docs to my MovableType based weblog. Amazing!
So, you see this post, and it is created by Google Docs. However, I hope this will be the last time, since the post created from Google Docs is still too crazy in HTML – too many HTML noisy things, which I don’t like. I will still use the MovableType default editor, and Windows Live Writer.

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