Yifan in His 9th Month

This is my Yifan. He is 10 months old now, and I just found a photo of him at the end of the 9th month.

He is crawling on the ground, with his toy box and chair in the background.


This is another one:


As a young father, I am more and more proud of the little boy. Seeing small progress of him everyday just made me happy. Although to be objective, every boy grow almost as fast as each other, but every father just feel his son is the smartest – I also think so. (Something I know it is not the truth.)

He starts to understand things. He starts to be able to play little game with me. He has his independent thinking already, and clearly show "I want this", or "I don’t like that." He started to show some potential of a little troublemaker for me:

  • I bring him out and some times found a piece of leaf in his hand when we are back – I have no idea when he got it.
  • He just successfully push a dish onto the ground and broke it, and we paid 10 RMB for what he did to the restaurant.
  • He love to read our big paper book instead of his smaller cotton books, and to be more exact, he enjoy tearing the books much more than reading it.
  • He started to love his toys, and has some "friends".
  • I realized he love "good toys", instead of expensive ones. He enjoy a piece of thick thread much more than the toys I brought from stores. A piece of grass is also something that makes him happy a lot.

My life is fill of joyfulness with this little boy. So is Wendy.

7 thoughts on “Yifan in His 9th Month

  1. Oh, LOOK how cute he is!!!! I can’t stop smiling when I see these pictures and read your proud words about how he is developing. So very happy for all three of you (and your parents!)


  2. You know me well, Jian Shuo :-)

    But believe me, if he wasn’t truly such a cute little guy I would be far more “restrained” in my comments. He’s just so darn chubby and adorable though — I really want to reach right into my monitor and pull him toward me by those well-padded arms for a good long snuggle!

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