Expression to Appropriate Impression

On one hand, I am a high-tech fan – I tried all kinds of new things. I have a collection of my Hi-Tech Toys.

Meanwhile, I also show strong resistance to some of the new tings. One of them is GPS.

Why I Don’t Have a GPS?

No matter driving in the States or driving in Shanghai, I don’t use a GPS. Sometimes I do need one, like my trip to 30N119E, but I don’t want GPS to tell me where to go.

Good things about GPS:

  • Save time by using the shortest path
  • Make it easy to drive

However, the bad thing about GPS is, it is too easy to use, and people tend to rely on it, and thus lose the opportunity to really understand the relationships of the road.

Driving in San Jose without a GPS

In San Jose, I drive all the time during my business trip. I don’t have a GPS, and now I can manage to drive in most of the Bay Area just with my car. There are many mistakes during the journey, but it finally pays off.

I love the ability to understand the world better, instead of rely on something.

Drawing a Map

Below is a map I draw from my memory about Hang Zhou. Although it does not have smaller streets on it, I am happy that the major roads are complete.


The other day, when I was waiting for Wendy, I draw another map of Pudong, Shanghai. It outlines the major roads in the Pudong Area. Look at my work:


I do need someone to talk with about the roads. Wendy is typically the best candidates, while she is not interested in this at all. Today, I threatened Wendy by saying:

Either listen to me and let me illustrate the Pudong Expressway System to you, or I will grasp someone on the street to talk with.

Wendy was so patient to allow me to draw the following map for her – I know she is not so interested, but she cooperated very well. 


Expression is the best way of appropriating impression

This is particularly true to this blog. After writing the blog, I am expressing what I see, and it is a much better way of appropriating my impression of the world.

Drawings v.s. Photos

The other hi-tech tool that I used too often is digital camera. It makes the process of record something so easy, but it didn’t help to make the process of appropriating easier. So I also draw! My drawing is not good, and I didn’t got any training. I know it is embarrassing to show it to anyone, but the good thing is, I remember the details of what I saw much clearer.




6 thoughts on “Expression to Appropriate Impression

  1. That’s pretty impressive that you’re able to get around San Jose without help from a GPS. I live in the Bay Area and without a GPS I’d still get lost all the time in San Jose and San Francisco.

  2. There is something wrong with my computer. I can’t see your new blogs, I can only see your blogs before 23. I don’t know the reasons. It’s really very strange for me. Who can tell me he reason?

  3. it’s really amaizing if you drawed the maps without coping any existing

    maps and only do it with your memory,so great.

    I read your blog often these days and i am wondering why you have not made a english name for yourself yet?

  4. I raed your blog these days because I saw you on tv.your sense of humour and lovely face impressed a lot.i want to improve my english as quickly as possible.can you tell me some good ways ?

  5. It’s so nice to get back into this blog again. I remember I first encountered it when typing the word “busy” maybe about 2 years ago. I became addicted reading the posts for sometime :0) then earlier when I’m searching for ways to go to Suzhuo from Shanghai I was directed here again. Very good read…covers a wide range of topics. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. More power!

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