PVG: Second Terminal to Open

Credit: Xinhua News Agency

Credit: Xinhua News Agency

By the end of this month, the second terminal of Pudong Airport will be opened. I will make sure I am the first one to cover this news, and take inside out pictures of this new terminal.

Thanks to the architects that the second terminal has different shape of the first one. As illustrated below: the first terminal (the current one) looks like a seagull and the second terminal looks like a wave.


This terminal will boost the capacity of the airport from 20 million per year to 60 million.

Disclaimer: I have not personally visited this new terminal so far. The photos are found on the Internet.

My Photo Archive of the Area

Below are the location of the second runway, and the second terminal – as you can see in the photo, there are large space between the current runway, and terminal and the sea (the water on the top of the photo). That is exactly the location of the second terminal.

Picture 102

Picture 017

Above is the shape of the current terminal.


4 thoughts on “PVG: Second Terminal to Open

  1. There’s a typo on the last picture above, Jianshuo, It should be Dong Hai Sea:-)

    Thanks for all the info.

  2. “I will make sure I am the first one to cover this news, and take inside out pictures of this new terminal.”

    Looking forward to that. Been following your blog since you previewed PVG when it first opened.


  3. because i have learned interpreter recently,

    as soon as i read your essay, i try to interpreter it into chinese.

    Though it is not fruent enough at all, i think it would be better sooner or later.

    you know, the content in your blog is not very hard to me, so i get a little confidence from here.


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