Middle Ring of Shanghai – Part II

This is the second part of the Middle Ring of Shanghai. (Refer to the first part for illustration of the road lanes)

This is the middle ring on the map. The red line is the Middle Ring. It is not a ring yet, pending the the second half of the circle (mainly in Pudong) to complete this year.


Note: Thanks for Dash to point out the error in the first draft of the image.

Visual Tour of the Middle Ring

Here is my trip of the road, taken when the road was just completed. Now, it is much more crowded.

Below: the entrance of the ring at Hong Mei Road Intersection.

shanghai-middle.ring-1   shanghai-middle.ring-4  shanghai-middle.ring-6 shanghai-middle.ring-7   shanghai-middle.ring-10 shanghai-middle.ring-11  shanghai-middle.ring-13     shanghai-middle.ring-18       shanghai-middle.ring-25 shanghai-middle.ring-26 shanghai-middle.ring-27 shanghai-middle.ring-28  shanghai-middle.ring-30 shanghai-middle.ring-31

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